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WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp desktop app allow you to view the status updates of your contacts. Both clients also let you see who has seen the status you have posted using the WhatsApp mobile app. However, you cannot directly update your WhatsApp status via the desktop app or the web client.

Since this feature is not available by default, is there an alternative that lets you post a WhatsApp status directly from your computer? Several alternatives allow you to do that. This article will discuss a few of them.

How to Post a WhatsApp Status From WhatsApp Web

For the time being, you can't natively post a WhatsApp status from WhatsApp Web. You need to install a third-party extension on your browser to enable this functionality on WhatsApp Web.

In this article, we will use the WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp Web extension. The extension is free and easy to use, but it only works on Chrome and Edge. If you are using any other browser as your default, you can either switch to these browsers or search for an alternative extension that offers this feature and is compatible with your default browser.

WhatsApp's terms of service prohibit the use of third-party extensions and software to enhance the functionality of WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp desktop and mobile applications. Therefore, if WhatsApp spots you using a tool like this, it can block your account.

Furthermore, third-party apps and services can pose a significant risk to your security. They can compromise your privacy, steal your data, and infect your computer. Keep that in mind before trying the alternatives mentioned in the article.

Follow the below steps to post a status on WhatsApp Web using the WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp Web extension:

  1. Close WhatsApp Web if it is already open.
  2. Then go to the web store or add-ons page of your browser.
  3. Look for the WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp Web extension and add it to your browser.
    Add the WhatsUp Plus for WhatsApp Web Extension in Chrome Browser
  4. Your browser will automatically open WhatsApp Web after you add the extension. There, you'll see a slightly modified interface with a few more options.
  5. Click on the WhatsUp+ icon.
    Click on the WhatsUp Plus Icon in WhatsApp Web
  6. Select Post status from the dropdown menu.
    Click on the Post Status Option From the Dropdown Menu in WhatsApp Web
  7. Here, you can import videos or images or write some text to post as a status.
  8. Once you have attached an image or video and added a text description you wish to use as a status, click on Send.
    Click on the Send Button After Attaching the Image to Post as Status on WhatsApp Web
  9. WhatsApp Web may restart automatically once. The next time it opens, your status will already be uploaded.

While this extension lets you upload a status via WhatsApp Web, you cannot delete it. Therefore, if you accidentally post a wrong image or text as a status, you can only remove it via the WhatsApp mobile app. You'll be stuck if you won't have your cell phone nearby.

Meta updates WhatsApp Web periodically. Some features of third-party extensions stop working after a major update. If you don't find the upload status option in the WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp Web extension, it means this feature is no longer available. Hence, you can either look for an alternative extension that comes with this feature or wait for the developers to update the extension.

How to Post a WhatsApp Status From Your Laptop or PC Without WhatsApp Web

It's not possible to directly update your status on the WhatsApp desktop app as this feature is not available on it. If you don't want to use WhatsApp Web to post your status, you have to install the WhatsApp app on an emulator and upload your status from there.

An emulator is software that allows you to emulate a different operating system on your device. If you install an Android emulator on your device, you will have access to all Android features and apps. It'll give you the same experience as if you had bought a new Android phone.

For this tutorial, we'll use NoxPlayer since it's one of the most popular Android emulators. However, you can install any other emulator that you prefer. Just make sure the emulator you choose has a good reputation and is safe to use. Once you install the WhatsApp app on an emulator, you can upload a WhatsApp status just like you do on your phone.

Here is the step-by-step process to install the WhatsApp app on the NoxPlayer emulator and post a status using it:

  1. Go to the NoxPlayer website and download NoxPlayer.
  2. Install the emulator by running its installation file.
  3. Run the emulator after it has been installed.
  4. Open App Center in the emulator.
    Open the App Center in the NoxPlayer Emulator
  5. Click on the search box, and a web browser will open.
  6. Type “WhatsApp” and press Enter.
    Press Enter After Typing WhatsApp in the Search Box in the NoxPlayer Emulator
  7. You’ll see different search results. Click on the link that is related to the Google Play Store.
    Click on the Link to the Google Play Store to Download WhatsApp in the NoxPlayer Emulator
  8. If required, sign in to your Google account.
  9. Then click on Install to install the WhatsApp app.
    Click on the Install Button Next to WhatsApp in the NoxPlayer Emulator
  10. Once the WhatsApp app has been installed, open it and log in using your phone number. If you do this, you may be logged out of the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. It could also wipe out your conversations and other data. So, create a backup before taking this step.
  11. Once you've logged in successfully, you can upload your status just as you do by using the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.

The downside of using an emulator is that it can severely burden your system resources. Therefore, unless your device has powerful RAM and other components, you might experience lagging and stuttering.

Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer to Post a Status

Connecting a smartphone to your computer is another great way to post a WhatsApp status from your desktop. Doing this lets you control your phone and fully access the installed apps.

Our article on how to remotely control your Android from a PC explains how you can manage your phone directly from a PC. This article discusses different ways to do it, but we recommend using the last method, which is to use the Vysor app to control a smartphone.

We prefer this method over others for two reasons:

  • This method lets you access everything installed on your smartphone.
  • Since it supports most operating systems, no matter what device you have, it'll work on it.

Easily Post a WhatsApp Status From Your Laptop or Computer

WhatsApp Web doesn't let users post a status, but workarounds make it possible. Unless WhatsApp introduces this feature to its desktop clients in the future, you'll have to rely on alternatives.

However, if you choose to use these, you will violate WhatsApp's terms and conditions. Thus, you may have your account blocked. Aside from that, be aware of the security risks of using third-party apps.