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The songwriting process can be difficult, and when you're struggling to come up with the words, you can get demotivated to carry on.

Whether you're struggling to expand your song idea or you need a fresh one, there's always a way to deal with writer's block.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck with writer’s block, and you can use online tools to help you. Here, we’ll give you five websites and online tools to help you write song lyrics.

1. SongPad

Lyric generator in SongPad

If you’re looking for AI-generated music, this is the tool for you. This songwriting tool provides the resources you need to give you inspiration. SongPad has an AI-powered lyric helper to get you to create the lyrics you need.

The lyric helper lets you select a genre, mood, and writing style. Once you’ve selected these things, the tool will create lyrics based on what you’ve chosen. It's important to double-check and incorporate some of your own lyrics, as the lyric generator might draw inspiration from existing songs.

When you sign up with SongPad, you’ll receive free credits to use the lyric helper. Once your credits are finished, you need to upgrade for unlimited access.

SongPad guides you in outlining the structure of your song. You'll find questions to fill in to help you create the events or story of the song. On this tool, you can also highlight words and phrases in your lyrics to find rhymes, synonyms, and antonyms.

2. LyricStudio

LyricStudio songwriting page

LyricStudio is a tool that gives you ideas to help you expand on your song lyrics. This tool gives you a head start with a library of topics and music genres to choose from.

If you have your own topic, LyricStudio helps you work on your topic by giving you a list of suggestions to start or add to your song. If you want your lyrics to rhyme, the suggestion generator will give you running suggestions for words and phrases where possible.

If you want to write songs with other people, you can add collaborators to work on the same document. The best part about the collaboration feature is that the people you add don't have to be subscribers of LyricStudio.

You can use this tool for free, but there are paid plans available where you can access an advanced lyrics generation engine and other tools to enhance your songwriting.

3. Chorus

Chorus songbook page

Chorus is another collaborative tool to create lyrics for your next best song. Chorus hosts a songbook for you to create lyrics for multiple songs. You can collaborate by sharing your lyric page, where multiple people can add lyrics.

Course includes unique features like cause that you can listen to as you drop your lyrics. The cord feature lets you pick the keys and instruments that you want to include in your song. This feature is great for anyone who doesn't have much experience with instruments.

The tool also includes a vast dictionary with rhymes and related words to help generate ideasand suggestions of phrases—based on the theme of your lyrics.

4. Songcraft

If you’re looking for an easy tool to help you make your own music and songs, this is it. This is a popular tool used by over 60,000 songwriters. Songcraft is another tool that includes chords, but it also helps you build a chord progression for your song.

With Songcraft, you don’t need to use an external voice recorder. The built-in voice recorder lets you record your song as you draft down the lyrics. Through the paid version of this platform, you’ll find a community of creators where you can meet collaborators.

You can also share your music and receive feedback from other songwriters and musicians. Songcraft’s free version allows you to store up to five songs. For more storage, you’ll have to upgrade your membership.

5. Studio

Studio creator profile

Studio is a platform that hosts many creators in various fields. One of the fields you can access is music creation and songwriting. On this platform, you'll get to see the processes behind the songwriting of some of the biggest hit-makers.

From music educators to chart-toppers and Grammy Award winners, Studio lets you choose from a variety of songwriting sessions to learn from. The creators on this platform show you the full behind-the-scenes process on camera.

You get to learn from industry experts as they show the songwriting process from beginning to end. Sessions on this website are for sale, and the pricing varies depending on the artist and the type of content provided.

Elevate Your Songwriting

Writing lyrics for a song from scratch can be quite difficult. Luckily, you no longer have to do that on your own. When you’re writing song lyrics, you can use online tools that will guide you in the right direction. Now that you've read this article, why not get working on your next project?