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Google Chrome remains the most popular web browser despite competition from other browsers. Its user-friendly interface and versatility make it compatible with popular operating systems.

Google releases constant updates to enhance Chrome's performance on Linux. While you can easily run updates on the browser extensions, you have to manually update the Chrome desktop app. Here's how to update Google Chrome on Ubuntu.

Update Google Chrome on Ubuntu via Terminal

If you've installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu, Google will notify you when an update is due. You will see a warning alert on your browser profile.

Run the following command to update the configured packages and dependencies. It will update packages to their latest versions from Ubuntu and third-party repositories:

 sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y 

Next, update Google Chrome with the following command:

 sudo apt install google-chrome-stable 

Once updated, you will see the updates on the terminal as shown below:

Google chrome updated on ubuntu OS

If you've installed the unstable version of Google Chrome using its DEB package, update it using:

 sudo apt install google-chrome-unstable 

To update the beta version of Google Chrome, issue the following command:

 sudo apt install google-chrome-beta 

Update Google Chrome via Ubuntu Software Updater

Your Ubuntu system has a built-in software updater app. All devices connected to the official repositories check for app updates regularly. Whenever there is a new update, the software updater will notify you. You can also modify it to schedule updates at your convenience.

To update all software on your system including the Google Chrome app, search for Software Updater in the applications menu and launch it.

Software Updater frequently notifies you of any pending updates, so if you see Google Chrome in the update list, simply click Install Now to update the browser.

software updater program on Ubuntu

Importance of Regular Google Chrome Updates

Google Chrome is a browser of choice for most developers. It's free to download, has extensions, and is compatible with many operating systems. New releases of Chrome development tools make browsing, running, and debugging applications easier.

Regularly updating your Chrome browser allows you to use the latest releases. Similarly, updating all the remaining apps on your Linux machine will let you experience the latest offerings by the developers.