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With a limit of 5000 participants or 50 groups, a WhatsApp community allows you to address people on a much larger scale. It is also used to provide updates across related groups that are a part of the same community. Hence, managing a community on WhatsApp can be a bit overwhelming.

Follow our tips to manage your WhatsApp community effectively.

1. Set Your Goals and Create a Community

Goal text

WhatsApp communities are created to send updates to a large number of people. When you make a WhatsApp community, remember the reason behind it. For example, you can make a community of your workplace by adding different teams like finance, marketing, and management to share relevant updates. Your main goal, in this case, would be to synchronize teamwork.

First, consider whether you need to create a WhatsApp community or a WhatsApp group. For instance, if you are from the local school administration, creating a WhatsApp community might help parents stay in touch with the school updates.

On the other hand, if you want to connect and chat with your friends, creating a WhatsApp group is a better option.

2. Add Relevant Participants and Groups

A WhatsApp community is useless if irrelevant people are added. When you add groups or participants in a WhatsApp community, remember to choose the ones relevant to your goals.

For instance, if you are making a neighborhood community and adding different groups related to social activities, volunteering, and selling second-hand products; be sure to add only relevant participants and groups in the neighborhood.

You can also get consent from groups before making them a part of your WhatsApp community. It ensures that people are interested in becoming a member and will take an interest in what you share.

3. Have Multiple Admins for Bigger Communities

A WhatsApp community can have thousands of people at a time; hence, managing so many groups and people becomes difficult. Thankfully, you can add several people as community admins to manage it.

Having multiple admins ensures that the community is updated regularly. They can solve the queries of members while you are away. Admins have complete control over the community. However, only the creator can deactivate or delete a WhatsApp community.

To make someone an admin of your WhatsApp community:

  1. Open the community.
  2. Tap the name of the community at the top.
  3. Scroll down to view the Participants section.
  4. Select the user you want to make an admin.
  5. Tap Make Admin.

The community will be notified once you add an admin.

4. Make Community Rules for Admins

Cubes with rules inscription

If you have other people as admins of your community, they can also post and share content. In that regard, setting community rules is important.

Ask other admins to avoid sharing offensive content. It will help you stay safe while using WhatsApp. You can write the community rules in the description box for the admins to see.

Try to be as nice as possible when conveying your point.

Also, make sure admins are aware of not sending too many updates or messages. Type one long message to get your point through clearly.

In short, your WhatsApp community rules should revolve around the comfort of the community members.

Keep Your WhatsApp Community Managed

WhatsApp communities help people stay in touch with many users. It is essential to implement practical methods to manage a WhatsApp community effectively.

Create a WhatsApp community with clear and reasonable goals in mind. Set objectives for your community and add relevant people and groups. You can set rules to keep the community members safe and satisfied.

WhatsApp communities also have the option to add multiple admins to divide the burden and confirm that everyone is updated with the latest information.