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Pinterest isn’t just a collection of aesthetically pleasing photos; it’s much more than meets the eye. With Pinterest, you can excel in your job search opportunities, and not only by posting images or creating albums of things that look pretty.

There are many ways to obtain inspiration for work, to benefit and progress your career. The question is where to begin, especially if you don't have any direct experience using Pinterest.

1. Obtain Expert Advice

With any social media platform, asking experts for advice is the first step to understanding how to use the platforms and how to use them to enhance your career prospects. These experts will have Pinterest boards on companies to work for, good company culture, types of work you can get, and how to get the job of your dreams.

Whether it's a short online course or a video on YouTube from a professional who knows Pinterest well, you want to be getting evidence-based information that will help you boost visibility.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it's easy to find experts to lead you in the right direction. If you want to be a copywriter or programmer, you can use those keywords to find what you want. Want to know how to begin using Pinterest? Here are some tips to make your Pinterest boards stand out.

2. Research Companies and Competition

Researching companies and your competition is essential, as you know where you stand in the industry you want to thrive in. For example, the Pinterest For Business feature is incredible in terms of custom analytics, a unique learning platform, content formats, and how you can better show yourself professionally on Pinterest.

Keep up to date on current business trends in your field of interest, create video ads that get results, and build a community that shares your passion. Whether you're a writer, a coder, or a marketing expert, there's a pathway to career success. Making use of Pinterest and a business account is an exciting way to reach potential employers and showcase your services. You'll also be ahead of your competition and know what people seek, which is a major plus.

3. Create a Project Board

Instead of creating a basic board on your favorite places to visit, making a project board to show off your personal brand is a great idea to help potential recruiters know who you are. What would you want this profile to say about you? If you're passionate about remote work and coding languages, make this known.

If you have knowledge of niche topics in computer science, such as how to use specific programs, make it clear that you know about them. What do you do differently, and what makes you stand out as a freelancer? What projects were you most proud of?

It's a great way to show your portfolio to others, and as an online profile and presence, this can help your career progression in the longer scheme of things. Always pin engaging, high-quality visual content. Consider vertical imagery, description captions, and text overlays, and ensure all links work.

4. Creating Visual Resumes

A visual resume is a great way to get a company's attention, and you don't need to hire a graphic designer to do it for you. Pinterest makes it easy to lay out your resume the way you want to, and luckily Pinterest has endless creative inspiration to help you choose how.

It's also helpful to include your business website or LinkedIn, promote Pinterest on your other social media accounts, or include your Pinterest link in your email signature, so it is easily accessible to those who contact you. Not sure what to put in your visual resume? Here are the dos and don'ts of an infographic resume, and make sure to pin it!

5. Seek Businesses to Work For

Who do you want to work for? What does this look like for you? Using Pinterest to locate your dream companies is a way to expose yourself to the professional world. Become familiar with their profiles and how they present themselves. If you're a copywriter, you'll gain insight into marketing agencies and how they work.

As well as knowing how companies interact with their target audience, you can also create company connections by commenting on Pinterest pins, which ultimately supports your network goals. Engaging with professionals, just like on other social media platforms, is a way to show interest. If you'd like more recommendations, here are tips to gain more freelance clients through networking.

6. Get Motivated

Pinterest is an amazing tool for career progression, but it is important to stay motivated to keep pushing for new job opportunities. Feel free to create personal boards to help you stress less while you job search; Pinterest doesn't need to always be used as a job-seeking platform. You might want a board with calming techniques while you take frequent breaks.

It's also a fun way to find personal or professional inspiration for a project you have in mind. Perhaps you're working on a website and need graphic design, colors, and layout ideas. You might need ideas for typography for a book cover or ways to set out your resume in a way that is eye-catching. No matter what you use Pinterest for, there are always opportunities for professional insights and career progression.

Pinterest Can Assist Your Career Opportunities

As well as being an excellent way to show your creativity as a freelance artist, graphic designer, animator, writer, and a range of other professions, Pinterest is a tool that can expose you to an area of business that might not otherwise be available on other social networks.

Whether you're showing your freelance identity or small business or just want to delve into the business side of Pinterest to experiment, there's always an opportunity to find new jobs in your area of expertise. Who knows what company or industry professional will contact you during this process? After all, it isn't what you know; sometimes, it's who you know that helps you excel in any industry.